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John Dewan Vertical Podcast Appearance

John Dewan, Co-founder and Chairman of Sports Info Solutions discusses his journey from early life, meeting Bill James, creating STATS Inc., SIS, the Dewan Foundation  and every step along the way.

Full Podcast (53:04)

Gradeschool (2:31)

College Loyola (3:01)

Bill James Baseball Abstract (5:51)

Sale of STATS (0:31)

Early Days of Stats (1:37)

BIS/SIS Start 2002 Steve Moyer (2:26)

The Dewan Foundation (2:47)

Treasure, Time, Talent Philosophy (7:07)

Childhood (8:33)

High School Seminary (2:31)

Fellow of Society of Actuaries (2:33)

Creation of STATS Inc. (3:51)

Start of BIS/SIS (2:01)

Next Steps for SIS & Dewan Foundation (1:16)

Private Team Info and Moneyball (5:16)

Ignatian Legacy Fellowship Program (1:16)

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