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Providing hope and a future to those in poverty by supporting organizations that help people to help themselves.

Empowering Women of Color around the world


The John and Susan Dewan Foundation began in January 2000 following the completion of the sale of STATS, Inc., a sports information company founded by John and Susan in the 1980’s.  Through the foundation’s grant program, we provide hope and a future to people in poverty by supporting U.S. based charitable organizations that help people to help themselves.

One of the many programs we support

Caravan to Class

Caravan to Class has focused its efforts on constructing schools in the small villages around Timbuktu on the southern edges of the Sahara Desert in the African nation of Mali. They have constructed 12 schools and are building a 13th school in 2018 in the village of Nanga on the Niger River.


The Foundation does not make grants to organizations that have only an overseas registration or through financial intermediary organizations or fiscal agents.

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