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Pedals for Progress/P4P

P4P collects and ships refurbished bicycles and sewing machines to partner organizations around the world, creating sustainable job opportunities and businesses.

For bicycles, P4P typically sends a donated initial shipment, and then depends on the effective operation of a bicycle shop partner overseas to launch and operate a profit-making business. Bicycles are sold at an affordable cost within the parameters of what local people can pay. The bicycles make people more mobile to access jobs further away from home or to launch an entrepreneurial sales and/or delivery business.

P4P get the bicycles to where people need cheap transportation to get to jobs, markets, customers and schools. The secondary economic effect is the promotion of a self-sustaining bicycle repair and sales business that creates jobs.

Sewing machines have a long useful life, and represent “a job in a box”. Typically, sewing machines are sent to vocational training programs in which a student who graduates gets a sewing machine to start a small business.

In over a quarter century of operation, P4P has shipped nearly 200,000 bicycles and 4,000 sewing machines around the world.

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