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Mayaworks Inc.

Mayaworks is a social enterprise that manufactures a variety of woven products and jewelry through the efforts of artisans in Guatemala. Part of the profits are re-invested in education programs for Guatemalan students.

The Rosa Moya Center, is an after school program for girls in the town of Comalapa. With 50 regular participants, it is a focus for Mayaworks education programming. The center has become a strong social and motivational support for high academic achievement. It provides a consistent place to study and a professional staff person to help with tutoring and homework, The Rosa Moya teacher helps to encourage students and provides a linkage to both school and home. The peer group of girls also helps to build a positive environment.

In the last school year, 60% of students maintained a B average. For the remaining students, no one had less than a C average. There was a 90% attendance rate for the program. No Rosa Moya student dropped out of school.

In February 2015, the Rosa Moya students will initiate a community service project. The concept is to help the girls see themselves as an asset to their community.

Altogether Mayaworks sponsors five after school programs in towns where they have artisan groups.

Mayaworks woven products and jewelry are sold in the U.S. through internet and consignment sales.


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