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Paramedics for Children

PFC continues to do a lot with a little. The school supply program has been operating continuously since 1997. For a cost of about $9.00 per child per year, PFC can make a difference in a child being able to attend school. Ongoing conversations with local teachers relate that over time, school attendance is increasing and dropouts are declining in part due to PFC assistance.

The Clinica per Esperanza, a low-cost service providing increased access to health care for the poor, has now been operating since 2005. The clinic treats up to 750 per month. Participating doctors agree to charge patients at 25% of the normal consultation fee and get full use of the clinic, all equipment and donated medications at no charge.

The ambulance donation and volunteer training program relies on generous donations from paramedic units across the U.S. There are now 22 ambulances in service with 300 trained volunteers in eight PFC member chapters both in Honduras and Guatemala.

In the last few years, PFC has also taken on partial financial support of the 35 children at the La Casita orphanage in Copan.

Paramedics for Children has managed some significant accomplishments and saved lives, brought hope and restored dignity to the very poor in the Copan region of Honduras.


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