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Caravan to Class

Updated: May 9, 2022

Caravan to Class has focused its efforts on constructing schools in the small villages around Timbuktu on the southern edges of the Sahara Desert in the African nation of Mali. They have constructed 16 schools and are building a 17th school in 2022

in the village of Bokyatt.

Bokyatt is a village of 580 inhabitants who mostly work menial jobs in Timbuktu and

cannot afford to live in the city.There is no school within three miles of the village.

The schools are significant community buildings and a source of pride for village residents. There are 20-30 villages in the region that are asking for their own school.

The cost of the program for school construction and operation provides a good return on investment. Total cost per student school year (including construction) is $143.

Caravan to Class focuses its efforts on providing education opportunity in a region where local schools simply do not exist. They are taking the first steps to re-build a tradition of scholarship in Timbuktu that dates back to the Middle Ages.


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