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Dear Friends,


The year 2018 was characterized by an effort to stretch the Foundation’s grant program in response to the needs of poor and disadvantaged people in Chicago and around the world.  The Dewan Foundation made a record 47 grants, awarding a total of $199,805.  Twenty-four grants were made to local organizations focused primarily on assisting the homeless.  Six of these specifically supported efforts to help homeless youth.   Also, in Chicago, the Foundation provided grants to two Catholic schools working in the inner city providing elementary and secondary education.  In both cases, there is an emphasis on preparing students for higher education and a commitment to continue to support graduates as they advance toward a career.


We made 23 grants supporting overseas efforts that spanned the globe from Cambodia to Timbuktu.  For the most part, these grants provide basic and vocational education preparing young people to escape poverty and obtain a better life through productive work.  They addressed education on multiple levels from grade school to high school and university training.


The basic approach of the Dewan Foundation in this work is to carefully identify and select charitable organizations with high potential, make a first-time grant and then become a steadfast supporter.  In pursuing this approach over the years, a group of proven and effective organizations has become the core of our grant program.  These “core grantees” are trusted partners, many of whom we have supported with grants over many years.  We define core grantees as organizations that have received grants in at least four years for a total of $10,000 or more.  While most Dewan Foundation grants are small, the cumulative impact of regular renewals granted over time can be considerable.  For example, 33 of the 47 grants made in 2018 were awarded to core grantees for a total of $135,000.  The cumulative total grant awards made over the years to these organizations was nearly $971,000.


It has taken quite some time to assemble our cadre of core grantees, essentially over the 17-year grant making life of the Dewan Foundation.  The process still continues.  Among those 14 organizations supported in 2018 that were not core grantees, ten are moving toward that status.


We continuously renew and refresh our grant portfolio, and this keeps us optimistic about our work as we begin the new year.


The Board of Directors of the Dewan Foundation is most grateful for your interest and support.




The Board of Directors