Annual Letter ’18

January 2018,

Dear Friends,

The Dewan Foundation advanced two new initiatives in 2017. We expanded our effort and recommitted ourselves to a tradition of direct involvement of board and staff in support of our grantees.

The first initiative focused on the launch of a new non-profit organization working to assist orphans and disabled children in Liberia and Sierra Leone in West Africa. Children of Compassion is working closely with the Catholic Church to meet basic needs for food, medical care and education among the poorest of the poor in these countries.

The second initiative is an exciting effort to involve the next generation of the Dewan family in the ongoing work of the Foundation. Erica Dewan is utilizing her professional social work skills and experience to enhance the capacity of one of our longest-established grantee relationships. Together with our grantee partner, we will work collaboratively to extend health services to homeless women, many of whom have disabilities and experience a variety of chronic illnesses.

Beyond these efforts, the Foundation’s grant program continues to support services for the homeless in Chicago and provide funds for education and job creation overseas. We also maintained a significant level of support to two Catholic schools in Chicago that provide high quality education for minority children in the inner city.

The Dewan Foundation made 40 grants in 2017 for a total of $293,329. The large increase in grant support from last year was due mainly to the major financial commitment made to launch Children of Compassion.

We also made a first time grant to a rural university in Bolivia that provides targeted post-secondary education in college majors relevant to rural needs in that country, particularly agriculture and health care. We also provided first time support to a high school in war-torn South Sudan and to an education project combined with a social enterprise in El Salvador.

Altogether, the Dewan Foundation made 17 grants for projects overseas and 23 grants to support projects in Chicago.

2017 marked an important year for both new and continuing activities for the Foundation. We are enthusiastic about developing our grant and direct service projects in the coming year.


The Board of Directors