Welcome to the John and Susan Dewan Foundation

The John and Susan Dewan Foundation began in January 2000 following the completion of the sale of STATS, Inc., a sports information company founded by John and Susan in the 1980’s. Through our grant program, we now provide hope and a future to those in poverty by supporting organizations that help people to help themselves.

The focus of Chicago grants is service to homeless people, particularly efforts to provide education, training and experience in preparation for living wage employment.

The Reading Challenge Project focuses on inner-city Chicago Catholic elementary schools and is intended to: encourage reading, motivate students to work together in a team effort to access resources for their school, celebrate success in reading and recognize outstanding achievement. Since 2001, 18 schools in the Archdiocese of Chicago have completed the Reading Challenge.

The foundation supports organizations that work overseas in developing countries, especially Central America, to provide education, job creation and economic development leading to stable employment for people in poverty.

Grants are made only to public charities with tax-exempt status in the USA under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

For further information, contact Thomas Teeling, the Executive Director, at  tjteeling@aol.com. He can also be reached at (773) 510-2930 during business hours.

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